Deprivation of Personal Connection in the Era of Internet and Detrimental Effects on Social Life by Social Media

Deprivation of Personal Connection in the Era of Internet and Detrimental Effects on Social Life by Social Media

Internet is curbing personal lives, hindrance in personal relationships, proliferation in a double life, increase in depression, instant response lacking patience,

Google is an astonishing boon to humanity, gathering up and concentrating information and ideas that were once scattered so broadly around the world that hardly anyone could profit from them. The boons are real, But they come at a price. Media aren’t just channels of information. They supply the stuff of thought, but they also shape the process of thought.

Bruce Friedman, who blogs about the use of computers in medicine, has also described how the Internet is altering his mental habits.

I now have almost totally lost the ability to read and absorb a longish article on the web or in print,

For some people, the very idea of reading a book has come to seem old-fashioned, maybe even a little silly—like sewing your own shirts, that seems the internet is chipping away the capacity for concentration and contemplation among readers.

In 2008, a research and consulting outfit called nGenera released a study of the effects of Internet use on the young. The company interviewed some six thousand members of what it calls “Generation Net”: the kids who have grown up using the Web. “Digital immersion,”

They don’t necessarily read a page from left to right and from top to bottom. They might instead skip around, scanning for pertinent information of interest.

Our ways of thinking, perceiving, and acting, we now know, are not entirely determined by our genes. Nor are they entirely determined by our childhood experiences. We change them through the way we live and, through the tools we use. He found that the brain areas of the violinists were significantly larger than those of the nonmusicians. Playing the violin, a musical tool had resulted in substantial physical changes in the brain.

Long ago accessing relevant and helpful information required a fair amount of hard work and perseverance. As we are running in direction of getting instant information, we are neglecting patience and perseverance.

In a 2012 paper titled, “The Creativity Crisis” by Kyung Hee Kim, the author presents empirical evidence that our country’s creative quotient has been on the decline for the past three decades and even more so among young people.

Internet is Curbing Social skills :

The warming relations which needs a face-to-face approach or comforting presence, it has curbed via the internet. The real talk which really needed between humans is getting ludicrous day by day. There is an N number of things which we need to know about a person, but it’s all discussed on phone. When we meet face-to-face, the expression, the vibes, the energy we get from the person, all are detaching slowly from our lives. What today's generation sees, the profile picture, and their posts on social media. And from that, they judge their whole personality! It’s totally absurd way!

Nowadays people don’t know how to talk with elders, strangers, teachers or any person. This is called a "Communication Crisis"

Hindrance in Personal Relationships:

Family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, do we talk to them or try to know them what are they going from?NO!

Internet has made closer to the people who are not close, but farther from the ones who really exists!

We are busy playing games or chatting with the stranger who is talking to another stranger at the same time. In today’s generation, there is a huge void in today's Millennials which suffers from the lack of power of words.

Words can heal or break the person.

We carry the emptiness, loneliness, lack of appreciation because everyone is busy on their phones, no one gives a damn about asking a person nowadays "How are you?"

The storm of emotional depravity is storming in people which is bottled up in form of anger, irritation, a fatigued mind, and boredom.

Proliferation in double-life:

Double-life means living two separate and very different lives, and they appear to be a different person in each. There are two separate lives: reel and real. Reel’s life is social media

"The Perfect" life for the society but in reality, they are living a depressed and dull life. Nowadays people have more filters in their personality than Instagram filters. It’s very hard nowadays to get integrity, authenticity, and loyalty for friendship or committed relationships.

Increase in depression:

They are numerous things to judge when it comes to social life, lifestyle, holiday, money, or lavish clothes. There is no full-stop to it. Piles of things are adding up in their wishlist but, no one wants to see themselves and spend a few bucks on improving their inner self. The patience for reading books for hours has been replaced by scrolling social media pages. What we are genuinely finding in social media -

Happiness? Peace? Satisfaction? Passing time?

This is the problem, no one knows what they are finding, what they need, what's their dreams?They are just flowing in the flow of digital content!

Instant Response Lacking Patience :

“Food” - At your doorstep,

“Clothes” - At your doorstep,

“Relationships” - In your phone,

“Friendships’ - In your phone,

“Movies” - bing in Netflix

“Travel” - Book online

“Holiday” - Books online

All the basic needs are fulfilled with just one click! Amazing?

Yes! It is, all our basic stress is overcome by technology, But the social skills are missing out, what they are?

Patience while waiting for food in a restaurant!

The excitement for going shopping with family!

Inboxing the long letter or waiting for someone special!

Waiting in long mediocre lines to get tickets for movies or holiday.

These all small things are missing out, then enjoying the luxury and comfort in enjoying the BIG CAKE ALONE!

Let’s accepts that we are social animals that come with a heart that can feel dozens of emotions. Detox some days without phones and see your real life! Talk to yourself sometimes, what’s your good or bad habits!